Do you maintain control of the call?

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You should know how to jab (YES ladder), then cross hook (open-ended question), it's time to learn how to stay focused in the ring. When we talk about maintaining focus, we're really talking about controlling the conversation. When the conversation is getting a bit off track or the prospect is telling you more information than you need to know, the best way to get the conversation back on track is to ask them a question that is related to the topic to which they are likely to answer "Yes".

For example, if I'm on the phone trying to sell a training event, and the conversation started sounding like this:

Scott: I think I've got just what you're after for advanced IT training.

Prospect: Really? That reminds me of a time when this other sales person who was trying to sell me tickets to crackpot training events held in an abandoned warehouse. He was the rudest person I'd ever spoken to and he had this funny accent... Blah Blah.

When this happens, ask a general question that you know they're going to say "Yes" to like this...

Question: So you'd agree that in today's tough market you've got to stay up to date with today's technological advancements? (No self-respecting developer that wants to keep his job would answer no to this question)

Prospect: Yes of course.

Scott: Well let me show you how you can keep up to date with technology.

See how this tactic forces the prospect to get back on to the topic and think about what you're offering them. So beyond the YES ladder, you should always have a few more questions up your sleeve.

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