Calling - Do you have a good introduction?

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The first GOLDEN RULE during your calls which applies from the very second you pick up the phone is ABS - ALWAYS BE SMILING! Whilst this may seem ridiculous you would be surprised how your mood will resonate through the phone. The person on the other end of the phone will know what mood you are in so smile and think of something funny (or fake it till you make it), people are always attracted to other people who are happy and smile.

When you start calling your prospects with your outbound script, the most important thing to perfect is your introduction. Without a solid introduction, your outbound telemarketing efforts are pointless and you may as well hang up there. A call is no different than meeting someone for the first time and first impressions are the ones which stay in people's minds.

By nature, most people are often on the defensive when they know it's a sales call and you'll find the first 5 seconds of your conversation is what makes or breaks your outbound efforts. You'll hear millions of reasons why they don't want to speak to you, such as: "I'm busy", "Not interested" or  "I'm having lunch". Though some of these may be true, at times, more often than not a great introduction will draw the right person into the call rather than them looking for excuses to get off the line or just hanging up.

Introductions should include a quick personal introduction of yourself, your company and the reason for your call, all done with one breath without pause. It is equally important you don't give your prospect a chance to speak until you're ready to ask an open-ended question.

Scott: Hi, this is Scott from SSW how are you today? (pause) I'm calling you to introduce SSW Upsizing PRO!

Bad Example - An introduction with a pause

Scott: Hi Mr. Smith, this is Scott from SSW calling about some hands-on developer training, is this a convenient time?

Good Example - An introduction without pause

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