Do you make common controls with consistent widths?

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There are a few common controls we always use in our products. For example, DateTime and Ellipsis Button. We need a standard for the width so the controls should be more consistent.

Note: Controls on base forms will be made to be 'protected' rather than 'private', especially so that inherited forms of different sizes don't mess up.

Figure: Bad example - Control sizes are not consistent

Figure: Good example - Control sizes are all standard and consistent

Figure: Bad example - Non-standard size for Add & Delete buttons

Figure: Good example - Standard size for Add & Delete buttons

We have a program called SSW Code Auditor to check for the following two rules:

Rule - C#/VB.NET UI- Button Height and Width - for Standard Button (75 x 23 pixels)

  • Level 2: All buttons < 6 characters:** Check the standard size (75 X 23 pixels) for buttons with the word length less than or equal to six characters, except the following buttons.
  • Level 1: The action buttons:** Check the standard size (75 X 23 pixels) for the following action buttons:

    • Add
    • Delete
    • Edit
    • OK
    • Close
    • Cancel
    • Save
    • Browse
    • Select
    • Test<
    • Next
    • Back
    • Remove
    • Refresh (Exception to the rule as it has 7 letters)
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