Data - Dates - Do you make sure you have valid date data in your database?

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SQL Server dates can range from the year 1900 up to the year 9999. However, certain date data in your database just wouldn't make any sense in the context of your business. For example, if your company started trading in 2015 you should not have any dates in your database before 2015 (unless you are tracking start dates of your clients, but this is an exception). An invoice date of 2013 wouldn't make sense at all.

There are two methods to avoid this:

  • Using Validation Queries

    You can run validation queries to ensure no rubbish date data gets into your database.

  • Using Constraints

    Alternatively, you can use Constraints to limit the date range from your own earliest specified date.

Here’s an example of implementing a date range constraint.

CONSTRAINT chk_INVOICE_DATE CHECK (INVOICE_DATE > TO_DATE('2015-01-01', 'yyyy-mm-dd'))
Adam Cogan
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