Do you record a monthly stakeholder video?

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Keping stakeholders up to date is crucial for the success of any project. Developer teams use Scrum meetings which work very well. For internal admin teams - Scrum might not work as well (e.g. Sales, Accounting). Often admin teams get sidetracked, and so Scrum isn't a perfect tracker of tasks or performance.

So, to keep stakeholders well informed, these teams should record a monthly stakeholder video. This ensures that stakeholders are aware of the project’s progress, any challenges faced, and the plans for the upcoming month. It also provides a personal touch - stakeholders get to hear from the team directly.


The video should be recorded by the Product Owner (or other head of the team)

  1. Open your analytics in browser tabs (this might be PowerBI for Sales, Google Ads and social media for Marketing, etc.)
  2. Note the important points you will talk about
  3. Record the video, clicking through the tabs and talking through the important metrics Tip: Use ZoomIt for easy recording and on screen notation
  4. Upload the video to YouTube (public if there is no sensitive information - unlisted if there is)
  5. Email your stakeholders with the video link


  • Transparency: Regular updates promote transparency and problems get resolved before they balloon
  • Engagement: Videos are more engaging than written reports
  • Accessibility: Stakeholders can watch the video at their convenience, making it easier for them to stay informed without scheduling conflicts.


  • Plan your content - have tabs open in a browser and cycle through them
  • Be concise - just give the most important points
  • Use visuals - trends are the most important - have analytics graphs that show changes over time
  • Highlight successes and challenges - include the best and worst news/statistic for that month
  • Make videos public - Users can follow product updates and the videos can be good marketing
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