General - Do you know object name should not be a reserved word?

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SQL Server reserves certain keywords for its exclusive use.

  • It is not legal to include the reserved keywords in a Transact-SQL statement in any location except that defined by SQL Server.
  • No objects in the database should be given a name that matches a reserved keyword.
  • If such a name exists, the object must always be referred to using delimited identifiers.
  • Although this method does allow for objects whose names are reserved words, it is recommended that you do not name any database objects with a name that is the same as a reserved word.
  • In addition, the SQL-92 standard implemented by Microsoft SQL Server defines a list of reserved keywords.

Avoid using SQL-92 reserved keywords for object names and identifiers, ie. User, Count, Group, etc. They can be used if joined with other words.

List of SQL reserved words.

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