Do you perform a thorough check on documents before they go to the client?

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Before any document goes to a client a test please for the document is to be completed. The first test is the technical test please. When that is passed the Design test please is to be completed.

The necessary amount of time should be allocated. If there is a time limitation, the manager will inform which parts should be checked in prior.

Technical Test

  • Document Body
  • Check all spelling mistakes
  • Check all calculations and cost in the document
  • Make sure all customised technical sections are technically correct

Design Test

  • Cover page
  • Check the client details are correct
  • Company name
  • Company Champion name
  • Company champion email
  • Company champion position
  • Confirm date the proposal is sent
  • Confirm version Number
  • Check project name
  • Check author


The header of every page should contain a field from the document properties section which is the name of the document. Selecting all and pressing F9 won’t update this. It has to be done manually.

Document Body

  • Make the correct company name is being used
  • Check all spelling mistakes
  • Make sure the resource details correct in the "Resources" section: 
  • Name
  • Rates
  • Image
  • Make sure the images relate to the content and the captions are related to the images
  • Make sure the document is formatted correctly to the SSW standard
  • Headers
  • Bullet points
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Spacing
  • Tables
  • Last thing to complete
  • Update all fields before final save
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