Do you get your "PPTX Testers" to do a 'Test Please'?

Image is everything. Improve the way you market, educate and promote yourself with striking presentations. Make sure you get the right people to Test Pass your presentations. Your content might be great - but if it is displayed poorly - it will be overshadowed by its flaws.

Even the most beautifully designed presentation can fall flat if the content isn't up to par. Ensuring accuracy, relevance, and clarity in your message is crucial for a successful delivery.

Have a Presentation Master review the content of your slides to refine your message, validate information, and enhance engagement. Then use a designer to make your presentation stand out.

  1. Do the best job you can on your presentation
  2. Get a senior developer to go through it
  3. ⭐️ Test Pass - From a Presentation Master
  4. ⭐️ Test Pass - From a designer for better look and feel
  5. Show it to an audience to get feedback

before after designer
Figure: Before and after... Designers can make anything look good

Adam Cogan
Tiago Araujo
Gordon Beeming
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