Do you include the company name when referring to your job title?

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Consistency is the most important part of branding. It leads to familiarity which builds brand recognition. A simple and effective method is prefixing job titles everywhere they appear with the company name.

A job title on social media or other public place should be:

  • {{ COMPANY NAME }} {{ POSITION }} E.g. "SSW Software Engineer"

Note: The coolest companies have consistent branding!

job title bad
Figure: Bad example - Job title missing the company name

job title good
Figure: Good example - Job title includes the company name and matches other employees

Note: Check out a cool way to use ChatGPT to extract profile info from all the users in your organization:

Following the above tweet, you can get a result like this:

excel result
Figure: Good example - See how much branding is on people's GitHub profiles

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