Prefixes - Do you know why they are awesome?

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The English language is really complex, and often during a discussion you don't know the context until you get midway through the sentence, or even the end of the sentence. This problem is particularly notable when you are browsing a page on Google, because you lack the context of the rest of the page.

For example, a page might have a category on a website, but when you look at it in Google results, that category may not be shown.

Incorporating a prefix into webpage titles enhances clarity and immediately provides valuable context for users.

At a bare minimum, the context should be completely fleshed out in the title of a page. However, the gold standard is to use prefixes.

Prefixes provide several benefits including:

  • Skimming - Establishing context without having to read the full content
  • Contextualizing - Priming the reader on the subject matter
  • Finding - Helping the reader quickly jump to the right content in a list
  • Grouping - Categorizing content together without the need for a complex bespoke solution

Bad example - There is no context provided in the title, it could be about subjects for Meetings, Conferences, Videos or something entirely different

OK example - The context is included in the title

Good example - The prefix very clearly identifies the subject in the title

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