Do you do invoicing in a timely manner (i.e. once a week)?

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The majority of client issues arise from miscommunication and miscommunication on invoices and accounts issues can make things very difficult very quickly.  Therefore, you should always process invoicing on at least a weekly basis.

See Rules to Better Timesheets

During invoicing you should ensure:

  1. All timesheets from the previous week have been submitted by staff
  2. Review your clients in TimePro and determine whether you need to issue a new invoice, or draw down time against an open pre-paid invoice
  3. Allocate the unallocated staff time for each client to the appropriate new invoice or existing open invoice
  4. Generate a PDF version of the invoice or pre-paid balance report to be sent to the client, and triple check it for accuracy
  5. Make any necessary changes, and once the invoice or report is in final format, send to the customer contact as an attachment with a personalized note. Make sure to copy your company's AR department so they can monitor any payment
  6. Call the customer contact for billing and let them know you are sending over an invoice or report, and offer to answer any questions they have
  7. Always double check that your client hourly rates in a time tracking system such as TimePro to match your agreed upon rates (i.e. taking into account any discount for pre-paid time, etc.)
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