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Do you know the reasons to use Dynamics 365 CRM?

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CRM is used to store and retrieve Client information, Opportunities, Projects, and Bookings.

  • Contact details - You can use the mobile app if you’re out and about to get contact details (mobile number, email, or address) "What’s Mr. Northwind’s phone number?"
  • Finding out info - View Power BI report to see who has been working for that client and when "In the past year, who has worked for Mr. Northwind?"
  • Linking to the TimePro or Teams locations for a client "Mr. Northwind emailed me an important doc and I want to save it… Do they have an MS Team?"
  • Entering or updating Opportunity or Project data (not Projects don't exist out of the box with CRM, but they’re easy customization to add) "I have to enter a timesheet but there’s no project… where do I add one?"
  • User information "What is JK’s default rate and Title?"
  • Booking yourself for a client or leave (if you don’t have access to Outlook) "I have to take tomorrow off but left my laptop at work… how can I put in leave?"
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