Do you release build your web applications before you deploy them?

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Reasons to release build your web applications before you deploy them with ASP.NET:

  • ASP.NET conducts a batch compilation on "release builds", which means it tries to compile all files in the current folder into one DLL
  • No resource caching is performed on debug build assemblies, which means that each request/response for a resource is not cached

According to MSDN web developer tips, you can choose one of the following to release build your web application:

  • In web.config file, set <compilation debug="false"/>
  • Disable the <compilation debug="true"/> switch for all ASP.NET applications on the server by setting the following in Machine.config
    <deployment retail="true"/> 

The setting in machine.config will also turn off trace output in a page and detailed error messages remotely

Machine.config file is typically located at %SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\%VersionNumber%\CONFIG.

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