Do you have a Remote Desktop Manager?

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In an IT industry, there should be a provision to RDP into servers or VMs to access them when needed. Within an organization, it is easier to remotely access laptops or computers connected to the same network.

To RDP, enable Remote desktop in settings How to enable Remote Desktop. Windows has Microsoft Remote desktop connection application inbuilt to RDP to another computer.

Drawbacks of using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

  • Every time you need to RDP, you have to manually type the IP address or computer name
  • List of IPs or device names is not available

rdp bad
Figure: Bad example - Default Remote Desktop Connection


Devolution is a secure website that offers a free Remote Connection Management called "Remote Desktop Manager", which is built to centralize all remote connections on a single platform that is securely shared between users and across the entire team.

Multiple computers can be remotely accessed at the same time and have a good GUI interface

rdp good
Figure: Good example - Remote Desktop Manager (Devolutions)

To install the application, check

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