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              Rules to Better - 3 Rules

              1. Do you use to manage your URL shortening?

                Bitly helps you easily save & share links over the web. You can:

                • Save a link to any page, image, song or video by pasting the URL into the box at the top right of the page
                • Share your bitmarks on Facebook, Twitter, or via email
                • Check on your stats to see how your bitmarks fared on the interwebs

                bitly stats general
                Figure: provides a detailed stats page for all your links

                bitly stats
                Figure: provides a detailed stats page for a single link

                Tip: Use a single general account for all shortening in your company/department, so you can easily report on which links are getting the most clicks.

              2. Do you use a custom domain on your account?

                You should use a custom domain adds to your company brand.


                Figure: Bad example


                Figure: Good example (for SSW)

              3. Do you link your social accounts to

                You should link all your accounts (available at the moment: Twitter and Facebook) to your account. This can be done under the "Connected Account" tab.

                bitly connect
                Figure: Connect your accounts to

                Tip: If you are trying to share a URL on LinkedIn that is longer than 26 characters, LinkedIn will automatically shorten it once you click Post, to make it easier for the user to read. It happens either if you have text before or after the URL you are sharing. If you're sharing an article and there’s no text after the link, it will be hidden from the share too.

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