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Rules to Better Skype for Business (formerly Lync) - 9 Rules

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  1. Do you know the primary features of Lync? (Software Phones with Microsoft Lync)

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    There are a lot of features of Microsoft Lync. The primary features are:

    • Internal calls
    • Transfer a call
    • Conference a call

    Plus even more:

    • Receiving your voice mails into your email
    • Presence Icon
    • IM functionality
    • Federation Abilities (so you have more people on your IM)
    • Meetings
    • Remote Desktop
    • Whiteboard

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  2. Do you know how to create a meeting request for an online meeting or conference call?

    Schedule an online meeting or conference call by using the Online Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Lync communications software or by selecting contacts in Microsoft Lync.

    To create an online meeting or conference call meeting request, follow these steps:

    1. Do one of the following:

      • In the Microsoft Outlook Calendar, New Lync Meeting in Microsoft Outlook
      • In the Lync main window, in your Contacts list, hold down the "Ctrl" key and click the contacts you want to invite, right click one of the selected contacts, and then click "Schedule a Meeting". In the meeting request, click "Lync Meeting".
    2. In the meeting request, in the “To” field, type the email address of each person you want to invite, separated by semicolons.
    3. In the "Subject"field, type a subject for the meeting.
    4. (Optional) In the body of the meeting request, above the "Join Lync Meeting" link, type additional meeting details.

    Note: Do not modify any of the existing text in the meeting request. Doing so may prevent people from joining the meeting. 5. (Optional) On the "Meeting" tab, click "Scheduling Assistant". Use the "Scheduling Assistant" to ensure that everyone is available during the time you choose. 6. On the "Meeting" tab, in the "Show" group, click "Meeting Options", and then accept or change the default options as required. For more details about setting "Meeting Options" go to Set options for online meetings and conference calls.

    lync online meeting
    Figure: Creating a Lync Online meeting from outlook.

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  3. Do you setup Lync conference calls (that makes you the Organizer/Leader/Presenter)?

    The Lync meeting experience is designed to allow people to collaborate productively from different locations. In Microsoft Lync, conference call leaders are referred to as presenters. The meeting organizer is automatically a leader.

    Lync presenter's best practices can be found here.


    A Lync whiteboard is a blank page that allows presenters to draw, add text, and highlight information by using the annotation tools.

    Desktop and application sharing, this feature allows presenters to broadcast any visuals, applications, webpages, documents, software, or part of their desktops to remote participants in real-time, right from Lync.

    Application sharing allows audience members to follow along with mouse movements and keyboard input. Presenters can choose to share the entire screen or only a portion to keep the audience focused on key information. By sharing their desktops, presenters are able to engage with their audiences in interactive product or software demos from any location.

    Application sharing allows presenters to share control of software on their desktops without losing sight of participant feedback or text questions.

    lync app sharing
    Figure: Application sharing, note the ability to view questions from participants

    Presenters can delegate control to meeting participants. Presenters can customize the color depth and screen resolution to better engage with participants who have varying desktop capabilities.

  4. Do you install the iOS versions?

    Installing MS Lync client on Iphone or Ipad. Employees should be contactable no matter if they are in the office or not (at a client). By installing the Lync client, everyone knows where they are and if they are available to take calls or answer questions that may arise.

    1. Search for “Lync” in the Apple App store

    Figure: Search for Lync application in App store.

    1. Install the Lync client on device
    2. Set up Lync to sign into your account as follows:

    Figure: you just need to enter 3 fields

    • Sign-in address is your email address
    • Password is your AD password
    • Username is domain\username. For example SSW2000\daraghbannigan

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  5. Do you know what IP phones are supported by Microsoft Lync?

    Before you rush out to purchase IP phones for the new Lync solution you have wanted to implement, you will need to consider if the IP phone are officially supported by Lync. At the time this article was published, Cisco is yet to offer a phone which supports Lync.

    As per IP Desk Phones page we can see there are three vendors which supply IP phones which are supported by Lync. These three vendors are:

    • SNOM
    • HP
    • ASTRA

    SNOM have been supporting OCS and Lync for many years. There phones are mainstream and offer good quality and features. This was our choice when purchasing IP desk phones.

    Our review:

    1. 821 model Ethernet ports support gigabit connection and can offer wireless connectivity
    2. Ability to conference 5 people into an existing call
    3. Headset support
    4. User intuitive
    5. Easy to source
    6. Customization of Address book with Active Directory query's

    While the differences between the different vendors were not hugely significant, SSW decided to go with SNOM as our base IP phone.

    We also wanted standalone phones that did not require a computer.

    Read more about implementing Microsoft Lync.

    Set up phone

    1. Log on to SNOM Phone, press a key to continue

    step 1

    1. Enter in your SIP-URI, that is [email protected] and press the green tick

    step 2

    1. Enter in your Domain\Username, that is ssw2000\username and press the green tick

    step 3

    1. Enter in your AD password and press the green tick

    step 4

    Congratulations, you are now able to make and receive phone calls.

  6. Do you federate Lync with Skype and other external IM providers?

    Lync supports "federation" - enabling interoperability with other IM networks. Lync Server enables organizations to interoperate with four external IM services: AOL Instant Messenger, .NET Messenger Service, Yahoo! Messenger, and Google Talk.

    Some businesses such as SSW used Microsoft accounts to improve collaboration with Partners and clients. Now that Lync has the ability to federate with public IM services, we have banned the usage of Skype, as Lync is now federated with Skype. Important to note that when you make a provisioning request for federation with Windows Live and specify a domain (such as as one of your SIP domains, you are reserving that domain for your organization's Lync Server instant messaging system. Affected Windows Live users must change their Windows Live IDs if this is associated with in our example.

    Lync Server enables one-to-one audio and video exclusively to PIC contacts that are homed to the Skype service. This change enables corporate users with a strong presence outside of work to reduce the need to run a separate client on their corporate workstation, yet maintain a robust communications experience.

    Read more about implementing Microsoft Lync.

  7. Do you know how to troubleshoot Lync connectivity or configuration issues?

    At times especially during the initial implementation, you may encounter some issues with Lync. The following are some of the useful tools which will assist you in identifying where the problem lies.

    Remote UC Troubleshooting Tool (RUCT) for Lync will show that the DNS records used by the Lync mobility clients to auto-discover the Lync mobility service have been added. This tool can be acquired from Inside OCS blog.

    Specifically, you now have the option of querying the locally configured DNS server for the following records:

    • Lyncdiscover. (both CNAME or A record)
    • Lyncdiscoverinternal. (both CNAME or A record)
    • From the same screen, you can ping the resulting hostname or test the port availability on any of the Lync DNS record matches

    lync auto discovery
    Figure: Lync Auto-Discovery Mobility DNS record

    Lync Monitoring Reports

    The Monitoring Server collects data from the call detail recording (CDR) and Quality of Experience (QoE) databases and presents that data with the help of the SQL Server Reporting Services and the predefined Monitoring reports. These reports will show statistics which will assist in identifying issues such as network issues such as latency and packet loss.

    Internet Network connectivity tests

    Tools such as VisualRoute 2010 will assist in highlight problems related latency and packet loss.

    visualroute tool
    Figure: VisualRoute 2010 tool showing a test to a Google DNS server

    Read more about implementing Microsoft Lync.

  8. Do you integrate CRM with Microsoft Skype for Business?

    SkypePOP is an easy to use screen pop application that supports Office 365, Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Online, maximizing your investment in these two leading applications.

    Even though it works great for direct calls on Skype for Business, transferred calls will not show the CRM entry of the person being transferred. This is because SkypePOP will always recognize the person who transfers the call as the actual caller.

    SkypePOP Features and Benefits

    • With support Office 365, Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 (as well as older versions)
    • Works with Skype for Business (doesn't work with Skype or Skype Preview)
    • Fast - pop's CRM records in milliseconds
    • Multiple records – handles multiple CRM records of different types with the same number
    • Pops information from CRM Contacts, Leads, Accounts and System Users
    • Presence Aware – control over what the application does based on Lync/OCS presence
    • Phone Activity – provides multiple options to record the call against a CRM record

    lyncPOP options
    Figure: SkypePOP advanced options

    This tool is vital for sales staff and receptionists as a minimum.Receptionists get the client record (based upon the inbound number) popup as the phone is ringing. They can answer the call accordantly. Sales staff has the ability to log the call in CRM along with what the call was about and also set a reminder for them to catch up in a few days.

    Read more about implementing Microsoft Lync.

    SkypePOP Setup

    2016 12 02 15 14 23 1710232021935
    Figure: Good example - Use the discovery service of your CRM (connect using <yourname>@<yourdomain> as a username)

  9. Do you know how to use SNOM VOIP phones? (Physical Phones + Microsoft Lync)

    Using Microsoft Teams? We recommend you check out the latest phone here: Do you know how to use the Yealink T55A Microsoft Teams phone?

    Using SNOM phones, transferring a call, creating a conference call, or making an internal call, is very easy.

    Transferring a call

    • While speaking to Mr Northwind, press (Hold)
    • Press (Directory)
    • Then choose a person from the list


    Dial the external number, press (Tick)

    • Tell the staff member "Mr Northwind for you"
    • Press (Transfer), press (Tick)

    Making a Conference Call (up to 5 people)

    • While speaking to Mr Northwind, press (Hold)
    • Press (Directory).
    • Then choose a person from the list

    OR Dial the external number, press (Tick)

    • Tell the staff member "Adding you to a conference call"
    • Press (Conference) to start the conference

    Making an Internal Call

    • Lift handset (or press speaker)
    • Press (Directory)
    • Choose a person
    • Press (Tick)

    Read more about implementing Skype for Business.

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