Sales - Do you know how to follow up an opportunity using CRM Activities?

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Once you create an opportunity, you should click the "Add phone call" button to create an activity to call up the client after approximately 1 week. Each time you make this call, you should complete the activity and create a new one to follow up again when appropriate.

Figure: Use sales activities to follow up an opportunity

You can see your outstanding activities in your CRM workspace homepage, and this should keep you on top of all of your current opportunities.

Make sure you never have an opportunity in CRM without a follow up activity against it; otherwise you're just hoping that they will remember to call you, which is never a good sales strategy.

Note: The alternative to CRM activities is to use FollowUpThen instead as this is much more convenient. The downside is that these are not centralised, meaning that when a salesperson leaves an organisation, their opportunities will need to be handed over manually.

Adam Cogan
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