Do you know the best screenshot tools?

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A picture says a thousand words, so using screenshots to provide context is invaluable. However, it isn't always clear to others what part of the screenshot they need to be looking at. So, it is important that you edit your screenshots to add extra info such as highlighting critical information.

Windows provides a default tool for taking and editing screenshots called the Snipping Tool. However, it is quite limited in functionality. For example, it doesn't provide the ability to draw a neat rectangular box quickly and easily.

There are heaps of great tools that provide much more advanced functionality. The best tools are

Snagit - Recommended


GoFullPage (Chrome Extension)




Shottr (MacOS only)

Preview (MacOS only - built-in)

Snipping Tool (Windows only - built-in)

screen shot 2022 06 09 at 16 38 10
Figure: Lightshot is the most popular screenshot tool
Source: Google Trends

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Figure: Bad example - The Windows Snipping Tool isn't powerful enough for most business use cases

screen shot 2022 07 28 at 11 18 57
Figure: Good example - Snagit is the gold standard and provides tonnes of user friendly features

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