Scrum Master - Do you schedule the 3 meetings?

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The Scrum Master plays a key role in the Scrum framework by scheduling and facilitating 3 crucial meetings: the Sprint Review, Retrospective, and Planning. These meetings are essential for reviewing progress, reflecting on performance, and planning future work, helping the team stay aligned and continuously improve.

The Scrum Master should estimate how much time each meeting will require, then schedule a single calendar appointment to cater to the 3 meetings. When scheduling the calendar appointment, keep in mind the following:

  • Ideally, each of the 3 meetings should be time-boxed to an hour for every week of their associated Sprint
  • This timeboxing does not mean the whole time will be taken up, just that you should not let the time for each meeting be exceeded
  • With the Product Owner's help, the Scrum Team will need some time to update the Product Backlog after the Retrospective and before the Planning meeting
  • People need breaks
  • The Sprint officially finishes at the end of the Sprint Retrospective meeting. The Sprint Planning meeting marks the beginning of the next Sprint
  • These meetings do not necessarily have to be held on a Friday or Monday. You can have a Sprint starting/ending on any day of the week

    • In fact, mid-week meetings are recommended so that the likelihood of it occurring on a public holiday long weekend is minimized
  • Since these meetings will occur every Sprint - set a recurrence on the calendar appointment (every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks) so that people have the time blocked out well in advance

Tip: It can be helpful to finish the Sprint Planning meeting with the first Daily Scrum.

Schedule the meeting and invite the Scrum Team and any interested stakeholders.

Figure: Good example - Copy this appointment template and send to the Scrum Team

Screen Shot 2020 04 06 at 4 15 50 PM
It is a great idea to run your Scrum meetings through Microsoft Teams, so that the whole team is invited and new developers can easily find the meetings

See Meetings - Do you know when to send an Appointment or a Teams Meeting? for more information.

In Scrum, there are 4 meetings in total that you need to know about:

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