Do you share code using packages? (Binary and source sharing)

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Devs need a way of sharing and consuming the source code or binaries.

VSTS is the best home to put it and share it across their organization because:

  • It caches your packages
  • It's a centralized place for your packages
  • It's constantly evolving (some really cool features check the video below)

Sharing source or binaries via File Shares or Version Control

Bad example

Sharing source or binaries via 3rd party tools like ProGet, MyGet

OK example

Sharing source or binaries via packages created using VSTS Team Build

Good example

package management site
Figure: Start from Visual Studio Marketplace

VSTS is about to add benefits like Component Governance, which allows policies to be set over who can and cannot use the source or binaries E.g. Licensing (MIT might be ok and GPL not ok), security - in development

Good example - Sharing source or binaries via packages created using Sonatype Nexus. Already supports Component Governance

Additional info

  • At 2:50 Mario Rodriguez talks about the bad ways customers share code
  • At 6:30 Mario explains to Danijel Malik how VSTS helps with the nasty problem of Diamond Dependencies (aka Binary Consumption Hell) (E.g. That's when devs are trying to get the new version of say Newtonsoft v1.9 in all projects, but one at a time)
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