Do you remove orphaned users from SharePoint?

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Did you know that when you delete or disable a user in Active Directory or Azure Active Directory the user is still stored in SharePoint. Did you also know that SharePoint retains any permissions that the user did have in SharePoint at the time? This means that if the user returns and their account is re-enabled they will have all of the same permissions that they had before. Luckily for us ShareGate offer us an easy way to remove these 'orphaned users'.

  1. Open ShareGate Desktop
  2. Click All reports | Orphaned user report
    step2 orphaneduser
    Figure: Orphaned user report
  3. Add your connection
    step3 orphaneduser
    Figure: Add connection
  4. Add your site address, Choose your Authentication method and press Connect
    step4 orphaneduser
    Figure: Connect to your environment
  5. Choose Navigate to choose individual sites or tick the box to choose all sites and teams folders
    step5 orphaneduser
    Figure: Choose navigate or tick
  6. Under Navigate choose the individual site | Click Next
    step6 orphaneduser
    Figure: Choose site
  7. Click Run now
    step7 orphaneduser
    Figure: Choose Run now
  8. Select Users | Select Clean orphaned users
    step8 orphaneduser
    Figure: Clean orphaned users
  9. Click Continue
    step9 orphaneduser
    Figure: Continue
  10. View results of report
    step10 orphaneduser
    Figure: Report Results
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