The War Room - Does your development room have an electronic task board?

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Having an electronic task board makes it easy for developers to keep track of tasks.

These are the 3 columns (aka swim lanes) you need:

  • To do
  • In progress
  • Done

TFS Preview Task Board
Figure: Good example - a virtual client task board in action

Physical is OK too for small, co-located teams.

Figure: OK example - a physical client task board in operation

Near your task board, stick an SSW "Want to submit a User Story?"

  • Where to find their project portal
  • Who to contact with questions
  • How to add tasks to the task board

Print out this PDF and fill in the 2 fields and stick it on own task board.

Figure: Create an avatar for each person and stick them on the current task. You can find our User Story Cards here. You can write the Azure DevOps Work Item ID on each card

Adam Cogan
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