Do you create a group chat with your project team?

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Teams is a powerful way to chat, collaborate, and video call with your project team. As soon as you start a new project, create a group chat with all the team members (potentially including the client if appropriate).

Although you will also have a dedicated Team (as per SSW.Rules | Do you know how to create a Team?), which is great for storing documents and files, as well as persisting notifications, you’re better to communicate in a chat rather than a channel since:
✅ You will be actively notified of new messages ✅ The conversation flows more naturally (rather than threaded)
✅ You can quickly call the whole team into a video call

The cons are:
❌ People cannot add themselves to a chat so will need someone on the team to add them
❌ In larger teams, the lack of conversation threading may become an issue

post in chat
Figure: Bad example - Teams | Posts in Teams channel

teams group chat
Good example - Use normal chat group for Team members

Ulysses Maclaren
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