Do you review Microsoft Teams usage reports?

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Usage analytics is quite important - it allows you to identify popular and unused teams, and helps figuring out Microsoft Teams adoption across your business (i.e. How many meetings? How many chats? etc...)

There are 2 places to check for usage reports in Teams:

Team Usage

teams team usage
Figure: Access team usage from "Team Settings" | "Manage Team" | "Analytics"

Tenant Usage

This is by far the most interesting and import report. You need special (tenant-level) permissions to access those usage reports.

teams tenant usage
Figure: Access tenant level usage via "Office 365 Admin Center" | "Reports" | "Usage" | "View More" (under Microsoft Teams activity section)

Now enjoy the full power of Teams usage analytics!

teams tenant usage home
Figure: Click on column names to sort data (e.g. "Chat Messages")

Important: If you can't see users logins such but GUIDs instead, you will need some SysAdmin magic to make it happen. Simply follow these steps: Show user details in the reports

...and unlock the power of full O365 reporting!

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