Teamwork - Do you know the 5 pillars of teamwork?

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The well-known book "The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team" focuses on team failings, but what should an ideal team look like? What pillars underlie exceptional teamwork?

  1. Trust and Vulnerability - When teammates trust each other, they are not afraid to be vulnerable in front of each other and will admit mistakes or shortcomings, allowing their teammates to help fill any gaps
  2. Healthy Conflict - Team members who trust each other can engage in healthy debates, where each teammate feels empowered to contribute so ideas can be shared and plans formulated
  3. Commitment to Decisions - The outcome of the spirited debates should be a decision on a plan forward and, since each teammate felt empowered to contribute to the plan, they should then also fully commit to the agreed decision
  4. Accountability - With everyone fully committed to the plan, they should then be comfortable to be held accountable (and hold each other accountable) to the KPIs
  5. Attention to Results - The group has a shared feeling of success and will all strive for the same results and will pay attention to whether those results are met

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