The War Room - Does your Scrum room have the best Scrum image?

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We all know that a visual image can make a complex process easy to understand. Having a visual image of the Scrum process helps everyone, including the Product Owner and interested stakeholders, understand the process and make sure the steps are being followed.

Here is an image for your war room wall...

SCRUMImage bad02
Figure: Bad example - This image doesn't include the review and the retro

SCRUMImage good
Figure: OK example - This Scrum image is OK because it includes all the important steps including the Review and the Retro

8Steps preview
Figure: Good example - This Scrum image includes all the important steps from the initial meeting to the Review and Retro

Find and print the PDF on the "SSW 8 Steps to Scrum" rule, then put it on your 'War Room' wall.

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