Starting - Do you track your induction work in a Scrum team?

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Having a clear, concise method of tracking tasks and priorities is important.

If you have a very lightweight induction system (a day or less to complete) it makes sense to get it done first and then join a Scrum team to start doing your normal work.

If you have a more comprehensive induction system (that takes more than a day, and some take weeks or even months) then it can be isolating to be doing your induction alone and separated from the rest of the team you will be working with. In this scenario, it's recommended that you create an "Induction" PBI in the backlog to track your induction work. Then the new employees' induction activities will feel like part of the job.

For more information, read the 8 Steps to Scrum.

Once you join a Scrum team, create a new PBI (e.g. "Induction") where you will add and track your induction work as tasks.

Induction PBI
Figure: Good Example - Including a new employee's induction PBI should be done early

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