Do you update your team on your PPC advertising results?

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To see how to create a campaign and to use it effectively, please read all Rules to Better Google Ads.

At SSW we use Google Ads before known as Google Adwords, to advertise our company, products, training, and events. It is a paid advertising product that promotes your business whenever people are searching Google. You only need to pay when someone clicks on your ad, which is known as cost-per-click (CPC) advertising. It is a great tool for directing more traffic to your website and expanding your brand awareness.

On the first business day of every month, it is recommended that you should send out a Google ads report to the relevant stakeholders with screenshots of your Marketing Dashboard (we use Power BI).

Make sure to cover:

  • Number of opportunities vs. number of conversions that came through our Google ads.
  • Compare results for the month in the current and previous year: clicks, impressions, the average cost per click, and cost. Explain why it increased or dropped.
  • Add information about best campaigns and keywords, if any of them had a special improvement or was on 'the spotlight' during that month.
  • Mention in percentage where sessions on our website came from. They could come from: Direct, organic, referral, paid ads, social media, and emails (newsletter). You can find at Google Analytics | Acquisition | Overview
  • Add graphics to illustrate your report. Use Google ads or Power BI for cool screenshots.
  • If you feel like you should add more relevant information, feel free to do it.
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