Do you use AutoWaitCursor on Windows applications?

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It can be extremely tiresome to have to continually remember to set and unset the wait cursor for an application. If an exception occurs you have to remember to add a try finally block to restore the cursor, or if you popup a message box you must remember to change the cursor first otherwise the user will just sit there thinking the application is busy.

autowaitcursor bad
Figure: Bad example - Cursor set manually

autowaitcursor good
Figure: Good example - Implemented AutoWaitCursor

AutoWaitCursor Class automatically monitors the state of an application and sets and restores the cursor according to whether the application is busy or not. All that required are a few lines of setup code and you are done. See this great blog on how to use AutoWaitCursor. If you have a multithreaded application, it won't change the cursor unless the main input thread is blocked. In fact, you can remove all of your cursor setting code everywhere!

Adam Cogan
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