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Do you use Public/Protected Properties instead of Public/Protected Fields?

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Public/Protected properties have a number of advantages over public/protected fields:

  • Data validation
    Data validation can be performed in the get/set accessors of a public property. This is especially important when working with the Visual Studio .NET Designer.
  • Increased flexibility
    Properties conceal the data storage mechanism from the user, resulting in less broken code when the class is upgraded. Properties are a recommended object-oriented practice for this reason.
  • Compatibility with data binding
    You can only bind to a public property, not a field.
  • Minimal performance overhead
    The performance overhead for public properties is trivial. In some situations, public fields can actually have inferior performance to public properties.
public int Count;

Figure: Bad code - Variable declared as a Field

public int Count
 return _count;
 _count = value;

Figure: Good code - Variable declared as a Property

We agree that the syntax is tedious and think Microsoft should improve this.

Adam Cogan
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