Do you know to capitalize tech terms correctly?

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With so many different capitalization conventions used in technology names, it can be confusing to know which convention to use for which technology.

john bristow tweet
Figure: John Bristowe tackled some of the most commonly confused tech names in this tweet

The main 5 types used are:

  1. All uppercase – ALL UPPERCASE
  2. All lower case – all lowercase
  3. Pascal case - PascalCase
  4. Camel case – camelCase
  5. Only first letter capitalized - Onlythefirstletter

Here’s a quick overview:

  • .NET - All uppercase
  • DevOps - Pascal case
  • JavaScript - Pascal case
  • jQuery - Camel case
  • Angular (previously AngularJS) - Only first letter capitalized
  • SharePoint - Pascal case
  • email - All lowercase
  • MVC - All uppercase
  • CRM - All uppercase
  • SAP - All uppercase
  • Salesforce - Only first letter capitalized
  • gulp - All lowercase
  • Agile - Only first letter capitalized
  • Scrum - Only first letter capitalized (Note: Scrum is not an acronym, so it should never be spelled "SCRUM") |

bad example incorrect capitalization
Figure: Bad example - If you want to be taken seriously as an expert in the subject, you should properly and consistently spell, punctuate, and capitalize the technology you are working with

good example correctly capitalized
Figure: Good example – the technology is consistently capitalized correctly across the page

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