Do you know the best version control software for designers?

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When it comes to design work, Abstract is considered the best tool for sharing and version control over GitHub and other similar tools because it displays changes visually. It easily synergises with Sketch and Zeplin to form a useful software ecosystem and streamlined workflow for designers. The result is a system that allows designers to collaborate without overwriting each other’s work while easily tracking the changes made.

Warning: Abstract is available only on MacOS

abstract screen
Figure: Abstract includes all the tools for smooth collaboration

Using Abstract version control makes it easy for designers to work together, clearly displays which version of a project is the latest and shows who has created or edited elements.

Follow these steps to contribute to a project in Abstract:

  1. Open a project in Abstract
  2. Create a new branch and give that branch a name that reflects the work you’re doing.
    Abstract Step2
    Figure: New Branch button
  3. Click “Edit in Sketch”.
    Abstract Step3
    Figure: Click to open the project in Sketch
  4. Make and save your changes in Sketch.
  5. Commit your changes to Abstract.
    Abstract Step5
    Figure: The 'Commit Changes' popup bar and button
  6. When you're all done, merge your branch.
    Abstract Step6
    Figure: The 'Merge Branch' button

Warning: While you can open a Sketch file by selecting “Open Untracked”, this will not save your changes in Abstract - meaning you won’t be able to collaborate with others and your changes could be lost.

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