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Do you warn users before starting a long process?

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When your application is about to start a long process (more than 30 seconds) it should first show a warning message to let the user know approximately how long it will take.

You will need to have 2 things:

  1. A table to record processes containing the following fields:

    • ALogRecord (DateCreated, FunctionName, EmpUpdated, ComputerName, ActiveForm, ActiveControl, SystemsResources, ConventionalMemory, FormsCount, TimeStart, TimeEnd, TimeTaken, RecordsProcessed, Avg, Note, RowGuide, SSWTimeStamp)
  2. A function to change the number of seconds lapsed to words - see the "1 minute, 9 seconds" in the above messagebox - this requires a SecondsToWords() function shown

Figure: Good example - Code Auditor message warning this is a long process

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