Do you know what errors to filter out?

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You should always keep on top of your RayGun crashreporting and not let the errors spiral out of control. If use RayGun with a web application, then you’ll frequently get a lot of errors with robots scanning the site and creating 404s.

raygun fileter bad
Figure: Bad Example – Most of these errors are 404s cause by automated tools scanning for vulnerabilities

Luckily RayGun has built-in filtering to hide these frequent exceptions.

raygun filter

To enable filtering:

  1. Under Crash Reporting > select Filtering
  2. SSW recommends you turn on the following rules

    1. Discard any requesters where the user-agent is a known crawler bot
    2. Discard any request for non-existent resources (404)
    3. Discard any requests related to phpMyAdmin access attempts

Now you should have a nice clean crash report page with actual errors.

raygun filter good
Figure: Good example – Now that the noise is gone, we can see the actual errors

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