Do you know what to do with a work around?

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If you have to use a workaround you should always comment your code.

In your code add comments with:

  1. The pain - In the code add a URL to the existing resource you are following e.g. a blog post
  2. The potential solution - Search for a suggestion on the product website. If there isn't one, create a suggestion to the product team that points to the resource. e.g. on or

"This is a workaround as per the suggestion [URL]"

Figure: Always add a URL to the suggestion that you are compensating for

Exercise: Understand commenting

You have just added a grid that auto updates, but you need to disable all the timers when you click the edit button. You have found an article on Code Project ( and you have added the work around.

Now what do you do?

protected override void OnPreLoad(EventArgs e)
     //Fix for pages that allow edit in grids
     this.Controls.ForEach(c =>
          if (c is System.Web.UI.Timer)
              c.Enabled = false;

Figure: Work around code in the Page Render looks good. The code is done, something is missing

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