Done - Do you know to send a 'done' email in Scrum?

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Some Product Owners aren’t always abreast of your team’s Sprint board!

Follow the 3 steps to completing a PBI and when you’re done, close the PBI with the word ‘Done’.

A good approach is:

  • If a task/bug came from a client when it is completed, send the 'Done' email to the Product Owner
  • If the task/bug is your breakdown of a PBI (that the developer did to break down a big User Story), then only send the ‘Done’ once the entire User Story is complete

GitHub Note: If you are using GitHub, you can close the issue with a comment, and @mention the people you wish to notify - GitHub will then email them for you, assuming they have configured it correctly. This has the bonus of being visible to everyone else who can see the issue, without needing to Cc everyone on your emails.

When replying ‘Done’ to a PBI

When sending a done email, you want to encourage them to refer back to your PBI.

  1. Follow the 'Done' email rules
  2. Include a link to the PBI with a copy of the important details
  3. Remember that all your tasks should be under 4 hours
  4. If you completed the PBI in a different way than previously discussed, ensure that it is referenced in the PBI as per the Document Discoveries rule
  5. Make sure that your PBI has an Owner
  6. Link to your team’s Definition of Done and show that it has been met
  7. ⭐️ Remember to escalate your email to the appropriate stakeholders when needed

You can go the extra mile and inform Product Owners and Stakeholders with key updates. This is especially useful when the Product Owner is not checking Azure DevOps or GitHub.

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