Do you know when to send a group email over an IM group message?

Last updated by Lee Hawkins [SSW] about 1 year ago.See history

Large distribution group emails (e.g NorthwindAll@, SSWAll@) should be used for critical information or emails that require feedback from users. For general information or random posts, reduce email noise by using an IM group (e.g. Microsoft Teams).

Group emails serve an important purpose in providing information to the entire organization in a way that is less likely to get lost than an Instant Message. It also provides a good method of allowing for a good cross section of staff responses. IM messages are better suited to general comments/information or random posts.

Bad example - No information. Not relevant for all staff to see

Bad example - This should have been shared in a group. Not via a group email

Good example - Clearly talks about an outage that will affect all users

Good example - Gets the information out to all staff so that they can respond if they can assist

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