Do you work in vertical slices?

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As a Software Developer you will work with both frontend and backend. When working in teams, it is common to split the work into what people's strong suits are. This can be beneficial but it comes with a flaw of not helping developers strengthen their weaker skills.

Let's look at a way to help strengthen your team members weaker skills...

You should do a whole slice of work each time (from the frontend to the API, and any extras in between).

Part of Scrum means all developers are responsible for the work that is conducted during a Sprint. To push this point, as part of definition of done, adding 2 developers to look over the code helps with:

  • The quality of code to remain high
  • Allowing all developers to learn (Even those reviewing)
  • Teaching the author of the PR
  • Asking questions
  • Reducing the risk of knowledge gaps across the project as more people learn about the different areas of the code base

vertical slicing
Figure: Vertical slicing is just like a slice of cake!

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