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              Xamarin - Do you know the stuff to install?

              Last updated by TiagoAraujo almost 7 years ago.See history

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              Archived Reason: Requested by Matt on RE: [SSW] Rules to Better Xamarin (mobile)

              Installing Visual Studio is not enough.... There is another 2 hours plus of downloading and installing to get to your first successful Xamarin hello world app.

              Step 1

              Install VS 2015 + the Xamarin extension:

              xamarin 1
              Figure: You need "C#/.NET (Xamarin v4.1.0)

              Note: Xamarin Studio doesn't exist on the PC anymore.

              Step 2 - Android SDK Manager (about 2 hours)

              This one is painful...

              xamarin 2

              Then get all the ones that say "Installed" :

              xamarin 3

              Step 3 - "Manage NuGet Packages for Solution" (about 30 minutes)

              Create a Blank App (xamarin.Forms Portable) project (this way it will trigger grabbing all extra stuff). Check and ensure Nuget Packages are up to date .

              xamarin 4

              xamarin 5

              Step 4 - run the app

              Actually run the application you’ve created. Ensure it builds. It won't =D well first time it often won't, if it does then congratulations you have got everything!

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