What dose this ‘Tree too deep’ warning mean in Scan Details report?

  1. Beyond Realm: indicates that the target was not checked as it was beyond the allowed scan scope. Link Auditor will check pages under http://www.ssw.com.au/ssw/LinkAuditor/Samples/ see how they have these links e.g.
    Link Auditor reports the two links like this:
    warnings of Beyond Realm
    Figure: warnings of Beyond Realm
    See the two links are reported as Beyond Realm because the following settings. If you want to check these links you may select the option All pages in the domain.
    Scan Depth setting affects the result of Beyond Realm
    Figure: Scan Depth setting affects the result of Beyond Realm

    Recommended Action: change the settings on Scan Target page as per your requirement if necessary.

  2. FragmentMissing: indicates that the fragment (anchor) portion of the link doesn't exist in the target page. Eg. for link http//localhost/Page1.aspx#ParaA, if ParaA doesn’t exist in Page1.aspx, then it will be a missing fragment.

    Recommended Action: fix the missing fragment.

    If the fragment (anchor) is located on a page which is Beyond Realm (mentioned above), Link Auditor will not load the content of that page and not check the fragment (anchor) too. The fragment (anchor) will report as a Beyond Realm.

  3. FragmentDuplicated: indicates that the fragment (anchor) portion of the link appears more then once in the target page.

    Recommended Action: find these duplicate fragment names and change them to be unique.

  4. InvalidFormat: indicates that the target URI is formatted incorrectly.

    Recommended Action: change the URI to be valid.

  5. HttpException: indicates that an HTTP excpetion occured while loading the target.

    Recommended Action: check the URI in your browser and find out what the error is.

  6. RobotExcluded: indicates that a robots.txt file prevented Link Auditor from loading the target. More information about a standards of Robots exclusion

    Recommended Action: change the settings on How to Scan page if necessary.

    Disable Robot respect feature
    Figure: Disable Robot respect feature
  7. TreeTooDeep: indicates that the relevant tree branch has breached the maximum allowable depth.

    Recommended Action: change the settings on Scan Target page if you want to check these targets.

    Max Depth option
    Figure: Max Depth option
  8. MethodNotAllowed: indicates the method specified in the Request Line is not allowed for the target URI resource identified by the request.

    SSW Link Auditor use HEAD and GET method to get request: use HEAD to just get the header information; use GET to get the header information and the entity-body.

    Recommended Action: configure the web server to allow HEAD or GET method for the target URI.

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