What does the Ln, Col and Len mean in LinkAuditor reports? How can I locate a link in the reports?

Ln, Col and Len describe the position of the links, they stand for:
Ln = Line Number
Col = Column Position
Len = The Length of the tag
Please follow these steps to locate a link in LinkAuditor reports:

Set User Agent value

Because different browser will get different source code, you need to choose your browser type (User Agent) in page "How To Scan" in LinkAuditor before scan, the default value is "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)".

User Agent
Figure: Choose your User Agent.

Get source code

  1. Open the report, and click the link's "Change source code" URL, then the source code page will be opened in your browser.
    page URL
    Figure: Get the "Change source code" URL.

    Source code page
    Figure: Source code page.
  2. After the page is load completed, click the menu "View"->"Source" (or right click the mouse, and choose "View Source"), it will open a NotePad with the page's source code. (UltraEdit is a better text editing program)
    Source Code
    Figure: Get the source code in a NotePad.

Locate the link's position

  1. In the report, get the link's Ln, Col and Len value.
    Figure: Get the link's position.
  2. Ln means the link's Line number, Col means the link's column position, and Len means the length of the tag.
    When you move the cursor in the NotePad, you can see the status bar of NotePad shows the position of the cursor with Ln and Col. You just need to move the cursor according to the link's Ln and Col.
    Enter URL
    Figure: Locate the link's position.
  3. Now you can use the Ln, Col and Len to locate the link quickly by this way.

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