I have SQL Server and Reporting Services on different machine, how do I set up Link Auditor reports?

Reporting Services is using Windows Integrated security to connect to a data source; normally when you accessing a report, the report will impersonate your windows credential and use that credential to connect to the data source. Therefore, you need to make sure your credential has enough permission to access the database.

If SQL Server and Reporting Services are resided on different machines, you may not be able to set up your windows account with necessary permission to access your database, especially when you don't have Active Directory in place or they are resided in different domains and cross domain trust isn't established. In such cases, you may see the following error message:

Figure: Data Source doesn't have enough permission to access your database

A quick fix for this is assign an account for your Data Source, so that your Data Source will not rely on your Windows Credentials to access the database. To do this, click on your Data Source Link and enter the account information.

This way, as long as the entered account has enough permissions, other user will be able to access your reports.


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