How to configure Link Auditor local sample website?

The sample website of Link Auditor is not created in the installation process (see Do you put the minimal amount of intelligence in the setup.exe? for reason).
You can create and access the website in menu: File | Local Sample Website.

Open local sample website
Figure: Open local sample website
If the sample website has not been created on your machine before, Link Auditor will confirm with you. Before Link Auditor create the website, make sure IIS feature is turned on.
Create local sample website
Figure: Create local sample website
Local sample website
Figure: Local sample website
Sample website is created on IIS default website, however, it is possible that the default website is not working.
Default website cannot be started
Figure: Default website cannot be started
You may have to change the default website port manually
Change default website port
Figure: Change default website port
The sample website files are included in installation directory ("C:\Program Files\SSW Link Auditor\SampleWebSite" by default), you may also copy the directory and create sample website on other machines.

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