How to create a Data-driven subscription for SQL Reporting Services reports

When you create a report subscription, there will be a step by step wizard to guide you the process.

Chose report
Figure: Chose report

Create subscription
Figure: Create subscription

Specify data source
Figure: Specify data source

Specify credentials
Figure: Specify credentials

Figure: Specify SQL query

Specify email addressee
Figure: Specify email addressee

Specify email format
Figure: Specify email format

Specify email subject
Figure: Specify email subject

Specify report parameters
Figure: Specify report parameters if any

Chose Schedule type
Figure: Chose Schedule type

Specify schedule details
Figure: Specify schedule details

If you encounter problems of receiving subscription emails, you may find this suggesteion is useful - Report subscriptions are disabled if a report contains User information e.g. User!UserID

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