What should I do if I got "Report Server is not accessible" HTTP Status 404 error when I try to deploy Reporting Services Reports?

The error “Report Server is not accessible” and the error code 404 means you don’t have a Report Server located in the address you specified or you don’t have enough permission to access this server.

Please double check

  • Where is your Reporting Service deployment, if you have a SQL2000/2005 server and its name is DatabaseServer, then your reporting service url is normally:
    http://DatabaseServer/Reports for Report Manager
    http://DatabsaeServer/ReportServer for Report Server web services
    Note: On SQL Server 2000, Reporting Services is not a built-in feature, you will need separate installation package to deploy reporting services; for SQL Server 2005, the default installation should have Reporting Services deployed to the database server machine.
  • Make sure you have enough permission to access your Reporting Services, RS uses Integrated Security which means if you have Active Directory, you should assign a particular user group to access this server, by default installation, RS only allows the local Administrators group to access it.

For more information regarding how to configure Exchange Reporter, refer to our user guide: http://www.ssw.com.au/ssw/exchangeReporter/UserGuide.aspx

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