What language environment does Exchange Reporter support?

Exchange Reporter only supports English environment at the moment. In order to have Exchange Reporter working correctly, you should install Exchange Reporter on an English version of Exchange Server and make sure all of your clients are using English version of Outlook to connect with your Exchange server. You can also change your Exchange users default language to English, and then run "Outlook /ResetFolderNames"

The most important thing here is your client’s Outlook version, because Exchange Server will create mailbox according to client’s Outlook language version on the first connection, eg. If your users are using non-English version of Outlook, this will cause Exchange server to create mailboxes folders in other languages, such as Chinese, Dutch etc. In such cases, Exchange Reporter will be unable to find the correct path to your mailbox items and report errors like:

System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: No error information available: DB_E_NOTABLE(0x80040E37).

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