Why do we require SQL Server and not save to an XML field?

  • Benefits of SQL Server Reporting Solution - SQL Server provides a powerful reporting solution Reporting Services which makes it easier to design, deploy, render and manage our complicate reports.

  • More Responsible Reports - In SSW website we have over 250 thousand links that make it impossible to show a report very quickly from an in-memory data store. So we chose SQL Server as data store and Reporting Services as reporting method.

  • More Advanced Reports - Besides basic reporting feature that provides little information about bad and good links, Link Auditor provides some more advanced reports e.g. Google PageRank report and Link Auditor Rule Report, which need a well structured data store.

  • Keep Valuable History Information - History data and comparison based on this data are valuable for any business. In SSW, we can easily get how the bad link fixing work is progressing from the Scan History report based on history data stored in SQL Server.

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