How to create reports by SSW Link Auditor correctly

1. Configure your “Report Server” and “Report Manager”, make sure this can be validated successfully.

2. The “Report Definitions Directory” can be choosed correctly, according to your Report Service version.
The default directory is "RS2000"

When you try to create new publication, the programme will detect the version of your Report Service and choose the right directory automatically. So here you needn't change manually.

3. Choose “Data Source” for the report.

This “Data Source” is the same with the following one by default:

4. Specify the “Report Directory Name”

The “Report Directory Name” means the Report folder name to be created in the SSRS. The default value is “SSW Link Auditor Reports”, e.g. If you specify “SSW Link Auditor Reports 3.96”, then you will get:

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