What does the SSW Link Auditor do better than the Microsoft Expression Web link checker?

    SSW Link Auditor has the following advantages:
  • You don’t need the original source code to scan all the links: SSW Link Auditor checks hyperlinks against your real web site. Just give it a URL!
  • Runs much faster: SSW Link Auditor is multi-threaded and developed in Microsoft .NET. It only takes around 3 minutes to check 25 pages with 1253 hyperlinks on them.
  • More configurable: The SSW Link Auditor wizard has some 40 useful options to customise your checking.
  • Can run on a schedule: SSW Link Auditor supports running via the console, which make it easy to schedule your checking with Windows Scheduled Tasks.
  • More friendly results: SSW Link Auditor includes a series of reports powered by Microsoft Reporting Services

Figure: SSW Link Auditor scan summary report
Figure: SSW Link Auditor broken hyperlinks details report
Figure: Expression Web site summary
Figure: Expression Web broken hyperlinks details view

Microsoft Expression Web's Broken Links has the following advantage:

  • Double click to edit the broken hyperlinks
Figure: pick up a broken one and fix directly in Expression Web

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