What does the trial and free versions of SSW products do?

  1. We aim to give full functionality because most developers want to see it work on their application or they wont buy it.
  2. If a product could be used to fix the developers problem (and no ongoing usage) then we only give 70%.
  3. After the trial period it changes back to a free version (for little guys).
  4. We time by usage – rather than days. We don’t go for the 7 day trial because you might install it and not use it. Instead we give full functionality for 60 uses normally (see below for number)
  5. SSW Products work on the samples forever.
  6. The free version is targeted to the little guys.

Trial Versions:

Products for Visual Studio .NET

  • SSW .NET Toolkit referenced DLL's from our SSW.Framework will be obfuscated, but may be reused freely.

Products with ongoing usage (Full functionality for x uses):

Products that potentially can fix problem on one go (70% functionality for x uses):

Products that runs as a windows service/server:

  • SSW Exchange Reporter only processes 3 mailboxes and allow 365 days of free usage, it runs extraction and reports off your own database during the trial. Exchange Reporter will report off the sample database even after the trial expiration.
  • SSW Team Calendar only shows 3 users for 365 days.
  • SSW Access Reporter can only use 3 reports for 365 days.

Free version (all products)

Friendly version

  • SSW eXtreme Emails! Get 10 licenses with NO LIMITATIONS by writing a blog about eXtreme Emails and sending the link to info@ssw.com.au.

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